Our Development Journey

2016 Summer
Started from UCL Learnhack
2016 November
Pitched at UCL learnhack as of the lead projects
Selected by various national and international competitions such as UCLe Moonshoot launchpad, UCL hatchery training programmes and the Chunhui cup from the Chinese embassy
Awarded by Researcher led initiatives UCL and Panacea stars develop Oxford business competition
Pivoted to research education platform and accepted by the UCL hatchery

We identified 5 major difficulties:

We are researchers and teachers who realise and understand practical learning and online learning. Thus we want to bridge the gap to provide a more enjoyable and efficient learning experience. Over the five years, we identified five major points:

Feedback & Supervision

Lack of instant student feedback and supervision

Project Management

Poor project management due to manual process

Community Building

Lack of a sense of research community between students and staff


Student employability issue

Material Management

Staff teaching repetitive material due to lack of tracking, archiving and searching