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Current Opportunities at Labnote Education

Labnote Education is comprised of an interdisciplinary team and is looking for additional team members from a variety of backgrounds to help drive the ideas forward. Please see the list of positions below and get in touch to apply.

Image by Jefferson Santos

Full-Stack Developer (Remote)


We are looking for a full-stack software developer to  be part of our team to help develop the Labnote app into an MVP. This is a part-time role with payment in the form of equity (up to 10% share based on experience).

Apply Here
Image by Andrew Neel

Website Manager (Remote)


We need an experience website and social media manager to help manage Labnote Education social media and online presence.

This is an exciting role for young graduates to horn their skills and be a part of a vibrant team of innovators. 

This post's responsibilities will be reimbursed via shares ownership.

Apply Here


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